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I met Anna about 4 years ago. I spotted her at Bally’s. I would see her training people and would notice how she pushed them and decided that this is what I need. So I approached her and here I am 4 years later. Life had always been busy. Kids, work and the usual. I decided it’s time to take charge.

I am sure I am one of her oldest clients. 62 to be exact. I also do work. She could be my daughter. She is younger than my children. But she doesn’t let me get away easy. Always coaxing me to do more. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can do at the gym I have always been the kind that likes to cook, I like to know what goes into my food and that my family is getting healthy meals.


True, all this takes some planning and juggling. But it’s easier to reach out for the easier options such as prepared foods, and I would often succumb to this reality too. Hence the extra pounds over the years. Working out with Anna has made me become even more aware of what I should or should not eat, the importance of nutrition. What I like is she encourages you to eat REAL healthy meals, totally discourages you from following fad diets. And I realize that this has been good not only for me but also for my family as everybody is eating healthy now.

I have definitely shed some pounds but more importantly have toned. With my metabolism this is a feat.


Finding the time to work out and to incorporate healthy eating does take some planning and commitment. But the results are well worth it. SO DO IT FOR YOURSELF. You deserve it.

I would definitely recommend her as a trainer, if you are serious. Again she does not let you get away easy. I guess that’s the Russian in her!!!!!

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