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Lena-Kats-Before-768x1024My story into the world of exercise began after college graduation. At 23 years old I was 25 lbs overweight and very unhappy with myself. Trying to eat less was no longer working for weight loss, especially since I really love food and I was feeling miserable constantly denying myself foods I really love.

So, after graduation, before entering into full time employment, my exercise journey began. My first 3 mile walk left me unable to move the next week, because I’ve never walked that much in my life. But after the pain was gone, I went back. Walking slowly turned into run/walk intervals, where I walked more then I ran at first and slowly pushed myself to have longer running intervals.

During that time I learned that running is not something I enjoy, but it gets the job done. I lost my 23 lbs over the first 6 months of starting to walk and run, and I loved the results. I was motivated to do more and to maintain what I accomplished, so I joined the gym and changed my diet.

Being Russian and having meat and potatoes kind of diet most of my life, I began to cut down on potatoes and added veggies that I usually passed by in the supermarket. I experimented with many and found that the ones I love belong to the cabbage family, another Russian favorite – cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts. My potatoes began to share a plate with other root veggies like carrots, sweet potato, beets, squash. My experimentation with different foods taught me what I need to eat to feel good, control my acne, not gain weight, reduce my allergies and sinus trouble, so I try to stick to what my body agrees with and walk away from those foods that give me trouble. It doesn’t always work, but who is perfect?

Lena-Kats-After-768x1024At the gym is where I met Anna. Walking by she noticed that the exercise I was doing wasn’t challenging me as much as it should, and corrected my form to make the exercise more advanced. I felt the difference immediately.

I was so impressed with her personality and knowledge that I recommended her for my sister-in-law, who wanted to get back in shape after having a baby, and my other sister-in-law who wanted to have more defined look.

When I started with Anna, leg day was the day I hated the most, because out of all my muscle groups, legs have always been my weakest part. Now, I can honestly say that they are becoming my favorite, and it’s all because of Anna.

Now at 37 years old, I have to say that staying in shape is becoming more difficult than it was at 23, and setbacks happen, but Anna is always there to encourage and support me on my journey towards health and well being.

I attribute my great results to Anna’s ability to keep me consistently motivated and always active, whether it’s cardio, weight training or my favorite stretching. Without her professional guidance I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the different ways I need to continue challenging myself, so I’m very grateful for her excellence and dedication to her profession. Anna had a great impact on our entire family. Our husbands after seeing our dedication to consistent

exercising with Anna, joined in as well and are now on the same journey as the one I started many years ago, and hope to continue until very old age.

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